Even better performance with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

Summarize your idea in one image and get straight to the point. This not only keeps you focused. With your concrete visual you also have a powerful sales tool in your hands.

Visual thinking: more ideas, better developed

Your organization grows through innovative ideas. Want to boost your employees’ productivity and creativity? Introduce them to the wonderful world of visual thinking. With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and S Pen, they can tap into their creative thinking skills at any time.


Everyone ‘speaks’ the same visual language

Imagine: during a brainstorming session about your new company vision, the term ‘flexibility’ is mentioned. Everyone is immediately enthusiastic and you include flexibility as a core value of the organization. But during the elaboration of the company vision, disagreement arises. Because while your colleagues are mainly thinking about flexible work schedules, you want to restructure your organization so that it responds more quickly to change. Ai!

How do you avoid such misunderstandings? Make abstract concepts concrete with visual thinking.

For a definition of “visual thinking,” let’s hear from Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin. His thesis? When you present abstract concepts visually, you discover ideas that would otherwise be invisible. Because you’re not only putting your eyes to work, but your imagination as well.


More interaction, better ideas

The best ideas fit on the back of a napkin, states Dan Roam. By summarizing ideas in one image, you rid your idea of ballast and get to the point faster. This way you not only keep the focus sharp. With your concrete visual, you also have a powerful sales tool in your hands.

Think back to the brainstorming session above. How did the working group arrive at a shared definition of “flexibility”? Like this:

  1. Provide all team members with a mobile device on which they can draw digitally, for example via the app MS Whiteboard. This way, your home workers can also brainstorm with you.
  2. Open a board in the app in which you work simultaneously.
  3. Ask your team members to summarize their definition of “flexibility” in one drawing.
  4. Everyone ready? Place all the ideas side by side and compare. What differences do you notice? And what similarities? Make enough time to discuss this, because in this way you will come to a shared definition.

This way of working not only provides richer ideas. You also create a larger support base, because during the discussion employees learn to understand each other’s point of view and grow towards each other.

Your napkin is a smartphone
Visual thinking helps you develop and sell ideas. With the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the digital S Pen, you have everything you need to get started quickly.

The foldable Galaxy Z Fold3 travels everywhere with you. Do you suddenly have an idea of genius? Unfold your smartphone into the 7.6″ display (yes, the size of a napkin) and switch easily between your apps thanks to the navigation bar. Brainstorming with your colleagues? Split your screen and open your video and drawing app next to each other. That way you can come up with the best ideas together.
The digital S Pen sits well in your hand and works just as smoothly and intuitively as a pencil. Do you use the S Pen to draw out your ideas? Then you put your brain to work in different ways. And because you observe, visualize, draw and look at the same time, your ideas settle deep in your brain. That way you will never forget a stroke of genius!




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