Surviving cyber-attacks with the right back up solution from Micro Focus

Did you know that data is vulnerable whether through accidental loss, corruption or external and internal attacks. What if we told you that Data Protector is one of the few single backup solutions suitable for all data and storage types.

In this article, we will highlight some of the Data Protector functionalities that may help your customers successfully face the epidemic of cyberattacks in the XXI century.


As a result of recent events, the use of IT technologies as well as the generation of digital information, has increased exponentially, ransomware has become a global pandemic for the IT world and that is spreading like wildfire. Since ransomware started to appear, there has been an ongoing evolution of attacks, targeting different IT sectors, IT system vulnerabilities, and it´s developing its techniques to create as much as possible damages to the different targeted companies, and just because ransomware is a very profitable business.

When facing with a ransom demand, there is a dilemma that you may not get your data back even if you pay. So, what should an organization do? It is easy to say ‘no’ to ransom demand when you have an up-to-minute copy of the data tucked away safely somewhere that the ransomware cannot touch. Equally important is how easy it is to restore the data to minimize productivity impact and operational disruptions. Customers need to choose an enterprise backup software that delivers the enterprise those functionalities they need to address cyber-attacks.

Micro Focus Data Protector is an enterprise class, highly scalable backup and recovery software solution. Its deep integration with hardware storage providers provides a single backup and recovery solution for simple or complex hybrid-IT environments. It provides a complete protection for unstructured data, mission critical application, Operating Systems and virtualized environments.

See how the top ten features of Micro Focus Data Protector will help your customers to withstand these threats.

  1. Protects High-Value Targets

Amid all of the potential petabytes of files on your environment, some of them are absolutely vital and their loss or corruption would be catastrophic. Data Protector could set different RPO and RTO targets depending on application value.

  1. Instant recovery via native application integrations

Data Protector provides one of the most comprehensive mission critical applications protection for applications. This provides backup support across the enterprise and ensures business continuity with a rapid recovery after any data loss or system interruptions.

  1. Improve applications performance and data availability with advanced recovery options

Data Protector provides application aware automated snapshot management. IT staff could set snapshots on an hourly basis, minimizing the amount of data loss if ransomware strikes.

  1. Automated disaster recovery

Automate DR with centralized bare metal recovery from or to physical and virtual systems from any existing file system or image. This option is enabled with a single click at no additional costs.

  1. Secure backups

Data Protector has adopted a secure approach to protect backups with a built-in security model. It is an enterprise-level backup and recovery solution with several methods of protecting backup data, such as encrypting backups during storage and while they are being transferred. In addition, Data Protector is Common Criteria certified.

  1. Backup to cloud

Data Protector features native integration to the Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Scality and Ceph cloud storage solutions. All data exchanged with or stored within these services is compressed and encrypted for efficiency and security.

  1. Tape Archive and Cyberattack Protection

Tape backup provides security from ransomware attacks by backing up data onto a media type which is isolated from the regular system environment and so prevents malicious code from infecting the systems and data.

  1. The power of Micro Focus

Micro Focus Data Protector integrates with many Micro Focus portfolio products including powerful automation tools to ensure businesses can maximize their productivity and simplify their environments. Automating routine tasks, such as regular maintenance, provisioning of resources, analytics and incident resolution may reduce operational costs and manual errors.

  1. Gain operational insights through advanced analytics

The new reporting tool uses real-time intelligence derived from operational analytics to provide hindsight to resolve issues, insight to reflect the current process state and relationships, and foresight to enable prediction of future needs.

  1. Standardized protection

Finally, Data Protector provides a unified and scalable architecture that enables centralized management across physical and virtualized environments, disparate OSs, and business applications from the core data center to remote sites. A single and comprehensive backup solution for heterogeneous hybrid IT environments.


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