Uncover the Best Kept Secret

When someone tries to explain the benefits of a solution, you expect rational statements.  In the case of Hitachi Vantara, we would talk about the best performance, high reliability, and low TCO.  But for me, it was very convincing that a customer said to me: “Why haven’t you told me about Hitachi Vantara before?”.  In short, it’s time to Uncover the Best Kept Secret.

Would “best performance” be one of the desired features when you buy a car?  Absolutely!  You’d want your car to be fast, maybe not too thirsty.  “Reliable” would also be high on the features list.  You don’t want to be the one on the side of the road, wearing a yellow vest (because your car broke down, obviously, any other reason to wear a yellow vest on the side of the road is fine by me, just be careful).  “Price” would be of importance too.  If you have children you still want to be able to feed them.  If you don’t have children, you might be tempted to buy a car above your budget.

Of course, a car is also something to talk about with your friends.  Rarely does it only serve to drive from point A to point B, it has to be the car of your dreams.  When you buy a storage solution, it’s less probable that you talk about it to your friends at the bar.

Stay relevant, become futureproof

Although it’s hard to underestimate the importance of a storage solution.  If you want your business to stay relevant, differentiate from the competition, and make it futureproof, the best way is to transition to a data-driven organization.  State-of-the-art storage solutions are only one step on the road to successful data-driven projects.  After all, they will provide the features any solution needs: best performance, 100% data availability, and low TCO.

Enterprise-grade features and automation

Mid-size companies need the same features as large enterprises.  People expect the same user experience from a smaller business, otherwise, it cannot survive or grow.  If you already partner with Hitachi Vantara, you know that they offer enterprise-grade features throughout the whole storage portfolio.  Make sure you contact us if you want to find out more.

We can also inform you on how to automate IT operations with the tools that are part of Hitachi Vantara storage solutions.  Imagine you can lower the number of manual tasks by 70%.  Slow manual tasks are a thing of the past, making the provisioning of applications faster, more reliable, and predictable.

Predict the future

If you could really predict the future, you would probably use it to win the lottery.  But in your business, it’s actually why you use a data-driven approach: by analyzing your data, you will get a lot of information about what’s going to happen next.  How long will it take to make a quote for a customer?  Any data-driven organization will be able to predict that.

But what with your infrastructure?  How can you make sure you’ve made the right choice?  Will the performance degrade?  Will the reliability go from 100% to sometimes?  Will it cost more than you’ve anticipated?  We know what Hitachi Vantara customers will say: “I had read the marketing stuff, I had seen the demo, and I had thought it over for days, …  And the next time I had to think about my storage solution again was 10 years later.  That was 5 years later than we anticipated to phase out the solution.”

“In those 10 years, we have grown more than expected, the storage followed the pace.  All the time the solution was as reliable as the first days, there was no unplanned downtime at all.  And of course, the total cost of ownership was lower than expected.”

“Honestly, because we never needed to contact Hitachi Vantara to raise a ticket, we almost forgot to consult them when we updated our backup solution.  This is what real peace of mind feels like, and why Hitachi Vantara is our best-kept secret.”

That must be the feeling, when you get in your dream car, and turn on the engine.  You put on your favorite music, check the rearview mirror, and drive off.  No matter where you’re going, you know that it will bring you there in time, safe and sound.


Who would’ve thought you would get that feeling from a storage solution as well?


Peter Verbeeck
Business Development Manager

In need of a storage solution that gives you peace of mind? Or desperately needing a faster backup solution?

Contact Peter Verbeeck, our Business Development Manager for Hitachi Vantara.


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