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Today, every organization is data-driven regardless of industry, geography or size. This makes data part of the currency of the internet economy and a very valuable resource that needs to be protected.

Amidst digital transformation and recent world events, organizations have grown increasingly concerned about data loss and the ability to recover. Destructive ransomware and cyber attacks occur roughly every 11 seconds1 and Accenture forecasts over $6T worth of global data at risk in 20212.

Unfortunately, in today’s data-driven environment, traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity are not enough to address modern cyber threats. 69% of respondents lack confidence that they could recover all business-critical data in the event of a cyber attack3. Although cyber attacks take many forms and attackers have a variety of motivations the target of their efforts is consistent: destroy, steal and ransom valuable digital data for financial gain, social or political purposes.

Cyber Recovery, sometimes called Isolated Recovery, is a new segment of data protection solutions designed to address the modern threat of ransomware and other cyber threats, to limit the spread of malware and reduce the surface of attack on a global basis.

The stability of a company’s revenue and very existence hinges on its ability to isolate data and ensure its availability to support a post-cyber attack business continuance strategy and recovery operations.

Data is Your Business… and Cyber Threats Puts Your Business at Risk  

Technical Risks

  • All data is susceptible to a cyber attack
  • Primary storage replication can replicate corrupted data
  • Backup catalog is not replicated
  • Recovery from tape is slow and failure prone
  • Backup copies not isolated from network

People And Process Risks

  • IT and Ops access most, if not all, backup assets
  • Security teams not assigned to assets
  • Bad actors inside firewall can delete primary backups
  • Business-critical/non-critical data are not segregated
  • Backup images can be ‘expired’ without approval

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are Not Enough to Address Modern Cyber Threats

Attackers are attacking systems, data and backups. They are encrypting the backup catalog in addition to the systems and data. Disaster recovery is online and not isolated to the degree a cyber vault is, and that makes DR vulnerable to these attacks. An air-gap cyber vault solution ensures that a protected copy of mission critical data is kept in original form.

True cyber resilience requires cyber recovery.

The Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution includes a secure digital vault that is physically and logically isolated from product and backup network with an operational air gap. Critical data is protected within the vault in an immutable format with retention periods locked. This gives you the best possible chance for recovery if your primary backups have been compromised or your DR location has been breached or infected. Without a Cyber Recovery solution a company spends significant time recovering the last backups without knowing if they are good or not. This is a long, labor intense, iterative and costly

Why Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery?

The last line of data protection defense against cyber attacks

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates workflows end-to-end to protect critical data, identify suspicious activity, and perform data recovery when required. The Cyber Recovery vault is disconnected from the network via an automated air gap and stores all critical data off-network to isolate it from attack. This promotes business resiliency, provides assurance following extreme data loss or destruction and includes both business and technology configuration data to enable rapid recovery of the environment and resumption of normal business operations

•         Critical data resides off-network and isolated from cyber attack

•         Allows complete visibility into the integrity of all the data and metadata protected

•         Cyber Recovery vault is air gapped from the network to prevent access

•         Increase effectiveness of Prevent/Detect cybersecurity when performed in protected environment

•         Updated through replication process based on acceptable risk exposure limits of uptime connectivity and data loss parameters

•         Diagnosis of attack vectors can take place within an isolated vault environment

•         Remediated against threats while off-line and capable of retaining iterative copies to current –n versions (based on business needs)

•         Analytics monitor the integrity of data that is backed up and the integrity of the backup catalog


Only PowerProtect Cyber Recovery combines multiple layers of protection and security into a turnkey solution to provide maximum protection for critical data.

Dell Technologies, #1 in the data protection appliance & software market, 4  delivers simple, innovative end-to-end solutions for existing, new and emerging challenges. Together, we simplify data protection, protect against cyber attacks and improve resiliency across IT environments.

Do not hesitate to contact carl.poupaert@techdata.be for more information on the Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solutions.



(1) Hackers attack every 11 seconds

(2) 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report

(3) Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index

(4) Based on combined revenue from the IDC 1Q21 Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Tracker, with select Storage Software segments from the 1Q21 Storage Software and Cloud Services Qview.

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