Foundation for mission-critical business

Dell EMC PowerEdge 4-socket server and storage platforms provide a broad portfolio of cloud-enabled virtual infrastructure foundations for providing end-to-end optimization of demanding workloads, such as SAP, Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

Deliver the PowerEdge difference

Advanced Dell EMC PowerEdge 4-socket servers, with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, are the bedrock of the modern data center. Built from the ground up to effortlessly handle today’s data-intensive workloads, PowerEdge servers and efficient Dell EMC OpenManage systems management deliver a tangible difference for organizations of all sizes.

Support business agility and ­flexibility with high density and seamless scalability

Benefit from integrated security that protects their infrastructure and business

Maximize performance with the latest generation of products.


Increase productivity with embedded intelligence and automation

Reduce costs with improved operational and energy efficiencies


Realize business benefits while powering new operations

The intelligent enterprise is driven by the power of data. This means harnessing all data—wherever it lives—and using it to turn insights into action.

As data insights are converted into visual decision-making, Dell PowerEdge EMC 4-socket servers accelerate traditional data sets as well as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, virtual desktop infrastructure , (VDI) and high performance compute with powerful GPU accelerators.
  • Accelerate AI and ML training and inferencing workloads, supporting up to 4 NVIDIA® GPUs
  • Support faster decision-making with GPU-assisted database analytics
  • Deliver high resolution VDI sessions to more users with GPUs

Consolidate more databases, database operations, virtualized servers and applications onto fewer platforms as well as serve more virtual users with 4-socket servers. Consolidation helps reduce the need for smaller servers, as well as reduces ­floor space needs and often, power and cooling, while increasing density.

  • Boost large in-memory databases with performance and up to 18TB memory per server*
  • Consolidate more applications, VMs and VDI users onto robust, mission-critical, fault-tolerant servers
  • Reduce aging servers and optimize rack density with fewer, more capable servers

*For servers which support a combination of 256GB DIMMS and Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory

Explore the Dell EMC PowerEdge accelerated server portfolio

Turbocharge data analytics

PowerEdge R840 is optimized to tackle workloads where a balance of compute and low latency local storage (NVMe drives) performance is important.

  • Maximize performance
  • Automate everyday tasks
  • Fortify the data center

Ideal workloads:

Data-intensive workloads, data analytics, CPU virtualization, HPC


Deliver uncompromising performance

PowerEdge R940 is optimized to tackle traditional workloads where large local storage and a high memory footprint is required.

  • Deliver fast results
  • Scale capacity
  • Simplify management

Ideal workloads:

In-memory database like SAP HANA, business applications like CRM or ERP, SQL databases or dense virtualization


Provide extreme acceleration

PowerEdge R940xa is optimized to tackle workloads that are compute-intensive by using CPU RAM to move data into GPU RAM for faster computation.

  • Accelerate applications
  • Scale dynamically
  • Streamline IT operations

Ideal workloads:

GPU database acceleration, artificial intelligence, machine learning, SAP HANA, next gen sequencing


Offer composable, modular compute

PowerEdge MX840c is optimized to provide scale-up for exceptionally demanding use cases, with outstanding performance and a rich set of storage options.

  • Maximize responsiveness and scalability
  • Streamline deployment and management
  • Deliver lifecycle protection and longevity

Ideal workloads:

Database-driven mission-critical applications, big data analytics, performance workloads

Driving a faster time-to-value from your workloads requires optimized approaches which  complement your strategy. Dell PowerEdge four-socket servers deliver the foundation of mission-critical, resilient platforms while providing superb performance, ample memory and expansion ­flexibility, along with a secure, trusted infrastructure optimized for demanding applications and accelerated business outcomes.

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